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Virtual Paper Mache Workshop -- Supply List

Paper Mache Supplies


Hello and thanks for signing up to join in our next Paper Mache Workshop virtually from home!

You'll need to gather the following supplies in order to follow along with the workshop. Luckily, they're mostly low-cost household and art supply items you may already have at home!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions as you gather your items.

You'll receive a reminder email 24 hours and also 1 hour before class that contains the Zoom link to join the class.




This can be a little messy, so you'll need to protect your tabletop from glue and paint! You may also consider an apron or wearing older clothes in case of a paint drip.

Constructing supplies

  • Newspaper (an issue of the free weekly paper works great!)
  • Small piece (~6"x8") of thin flexible cardboard (cereal box type)
  • Small piece (~6"x8") of very thin cardboard (priority mail box type)
  • Optional - other paper structures, like toilet paper roll (optional- depending on the shape of what you're going to make!)
  • Brown kraft paper (a grocery bag or packing paper from a roll)
  • Piece of twine or heavy-duty string (optional- if you'd like to hang your piece)
  • Roll of masking tape
  • Scissors

Paper Mache-ing supplies

  • Bottle of white glue (elmer's works great but any brand will do!)
  • Small bowl of water (cereal bowl-sized that is about half filled)
  • Foam brush
  • Sheet of aluminum foil (about ~12"x12" or so)

Drying supplies

We'll briefly bake our wet pieces in an oven to speed up the drying process. So eventually you'll need access to an oven preheated to 350 degrees and a baking sheet covered in foil to place it on. 

Painting supplies

  • White acrylic craft paint
  • Other colors of acrylic craft paint
  • Paintbrushes of various sizes (a larger flat brush for big areas, a smaller round one for details, etc)
  • Palette for your paint (a piece of foil can work too!) 
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