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New Studio Safety Precautions

Opening with Care

Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming workshop at the studio!

We're aligning with federal, state, and local guidelines to mitigate as many risks as we can in creating a healthy and safe (and fun!) environment to work and make.

Please know the symptoms of Covid-19 and don't come in if you're unwell or have been at risk of being sick. We require this of our staff too!

Check out just some of the ways we've redesigned the studio experience since reopening and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.



face masks at Assembly

While in the studio everyone, including staff and students, are required to wear face coverings, meaning a cloth, paper, or disposable face covering that covers the nose and mouth. We have disposable masks available if you forget!

In line with county guidelines, once seated for the class session, we're implementing an "almost all of the time" face coverings policy for students. We're serving beverages and anticipate that people will need to remove or move their mask briefly to drink. If you aren't actively enjoying a beverage, please keep your covering on.  


crafting tables at Assembly PDX

We're currently limiting the number of seats and rearranging our tables to accommodate social distancing during our events. It is recommended to stay at least 6 feet away from others to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Our default set up now includes three large tables that each have 3 chairs spaced six feet a part, for a total maximum of 9 people in class. This is less than half of the previous maximum class size of 20 people. The average class size now will likely be around 5 or 6 people. 

Due to the need to limit movement around the studio during check-in, we're now doing more pre-planning and seat assignments than usual. 

If you've signed up for two or more people together in your registration, we'll assign you seats at the same table and also assume that as a party you're comfortable with potentially being seated in closer proximity together.  This is especially the case for groups of more than 3, if you'd all like to sit at the same table. But of course if you have other preferences for seating, please let us know and we'll do our best to make it all work!

If you've signed up separately from someone, but would like to be assigned a seat near them, please let us know.

If we aren't notified in advance of any seating preferences, we can't guarantee to be able to accommodate them. The goal is to avoid moving people and their supplies once they've been seated.



handpainted waiting floor mats

We've always prided ourselves with a clean studio, but now we've really stepped up our game! Before and after each workshop our staff follow a long checklist for the cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces. 

We also have two easily accessible hand washing stations in the studio and bottles of hand sanitizer abound! 

Every student has their own tool and supply kit right in front of them, so no need for any unnecessary movement in the studio or shared supplies with others. 



During workshops, our teaching artists have always used a variety of instructional methods to meet the needs of our students' learning preferences, from visual demonstrations, verbal descriptions, written diagrams and patterns, and more! This proves even more important when teaching from a distance.

craft demonstration

One of the approaches we use most frequently are demonstrations. Instead of having students gather around closely to watch the teacher show a technique, we are now using a camera set up to stream the live demonstration on a large monitor. 

Even students seated in the back of the room can now view the tiniest of details and follow along. And no doubt this use of technology will also be an amazing asset when we can gather closely again! 

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