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Needle Felting Supply Kit

needle felting supply kit for beginners
Needle Felting Supply Kit
needle felting wool supply kit
Needle Felting Supply Kit
Product image 1needle felting supply kit for beginners
Product image 2Needle Felting Supply Kit
Product image 3needle felting wool supply kit
Product image 4Needle Felting Supply Kit

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Start sculpting with wool through the craft of needle felting! 

This supply kit contains:

  • two felting needles
  • foam felting pad
  • four colors of wool


Need some direction to help you get started on your needle felting path?

Add on the Needle Felting for Beginners book to your kit. At last, a book that tells you everything you need to know about needle felting!

This is the book authors Roz Dace and Judy Balchin wish they had been given when they started out on their felting journey. A complete course for the absolute beginner, it is packed full of useful tips and techniques to help you on your own felting adventures.

Learn how to sculpt miniature teacup worlds, animals and birds, and even your friends and family. There are 12 varied projects, starting with the easiest and progressing in difficulty. Master the basics, then learn how to use wire, embellishments and armatures in your work, and even how to capture expression in faces. You can use the techniques you have been shown to create your own variations.

Pick up that felting needle and you are guaranteed to have fun with this much-needed book.

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