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"Creative Woodburning" Book

creative wood burning book

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Turn an ordinary piece of wood into a fire-burned masterpiece!

If you're a crafter or an artist looking for something new and different, try pyrography. With this type of art, you use a heated instrument to burn images and words into wood. By using techniques from drawing, such as shading and stippling, you can also add depth and embellishments to your creations.

It's easy to get started with pyrography--and Creative Woodburning can help you jump into this hot new craft. This book features:

    An introduction to pyrography and the tools you need to get started
    Expert advice on how to choose the right materials and how to create a safe working environment
    20 projects, including a jewelry box, a cutting board, a wooden egg, a clock, and a gourd birdhouse
    More than 180 patterns--from animal and nature designs to borders and geometric and decorative shapes
    Techniques for shading, adding color, and sealing your projects

The power of your pyrography imagination is just between your fingertips and Creative Woodburning can help you tap into your inspiration. Even if you've never done burning of any kind before, pyrography expert Bee Locke can show you a safe yet fun way to play with fire.


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