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Suminagashi Marbling Art Kit

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Product image 1paper marbling kit
Product image 2suminagashi paper marbling diy craft kit
Product image 3water marbling japenese tray paper
Product image 4paper fabric marbling inks kit
Product image 5paper fabric marbling paint ink
Product image 6paper marbling suminagashi workshop

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With this kit you’ll learn the Japanese technique of Suminagashi marbling. Enjoy hours of fun while you create patterns on the surface of water and then transfer them to create beautifully marbled paper and fabric.  

This process uses just water and a special ink, no other crazy additives required like with other marbling techniques! So it’s a wonderfully straightforward and meditative craft to practice at home. 

The kit includes:

  • Set of six 12 ml Boku-Undo marbling inks (red, blue, yellow, green, blue, and black) 
  • Instructions and pattern ideas
  • Included items to marble:
    • Set of four 3.5”x3.5” paper coasters to marble
    • Small 4”x6” cotton drawstring bag to marble


Note: Items not provided, but will be needed:

Pan or tray bigger than the items you are marbling (disposable baking pan works great!), warm water, and of course other items you’d like to marble. Consider unsized artist papers (white construction paper works!), cotton or silk fabric, raw wood, or leather. 

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