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Wooden Spoon Blanks for Carving

wooden spoon blanks for carving
wood carving knife set
spoon carving kit
wood carving whittling knives
Product image 1wooden spoon blanks for carving
Product image 2wood carving knife set
Product image 3spoon carving kit
Product image 4wood carving whittling knives

Regular price $15.00

Already have your wood carving tools and just need blanks to make more spoons?

Here ya' go!

The blank measures 11"x3"x1" and is made from sustainably harvested basswood grown and milled in Vermont. Basswood is a soft wood, so perfect for beginners! 

It is hand-sawed and rough cut to a spoon shape, so you just need to gouge the bowl and round out the the rest. Much easier than working from a square wood block. 


Don't have your tools yet?  Check out the Wooden Spoon Carving Tool Kit to get started!


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